Architechural Control Committee Design Guidelines



The Declaration of Protective Covenants for North Forke Plantation provides for a design review process through which property improvements must be approved by an Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  This provision applies to both new construction as well as any exterior modification of existing homes/properties, and was created for the sole purpose of achieving harmony, balance, and a high standard of quality within the community. 

As an administrative arm of the Board of Directors, the ACC's role is to preserve, protect and enhance the value of the properties in North Fork Plantation by enforcing the Declaration of Protective Covenants.  The ACC is chartered with ensuring uniform and equitable compliance with these covenants.  

The following Community Design Guidelines are provided to amplify and supplement our community's covenants.  Homeowners are encouraged to study these guidelines as well as the covenants.  Note that in the event of a conflict, the Declaration of Protective Covenants will control.  



Improvement Process

 As a final comment, please remember - 

REQUEST APPROVAL BEFORE BEGINNING ANY IMPROVEMENT  OR MODIFICATIONS!  The vast majority of problems occur when a homeowner begins a project without written approval from the ACC.  Projects initiated without prior ACC approval are subject to fines.   

Please review the guidelines and complete the Request for Improvement form. You can then submit via the link below!

ACC Forms

North Forke ACC Modification Form (pdf)


DesignGuidelines (doc)


ACC Guidelines version 5.0 2017 (pdf)