North Forke Plantation

Tennis Facilities & Teams

 The North Forke Plantation tennis facilities offers four lighted hard surfaced courts for year round enjoyment along with a sheltered spectator pavilion. Organized tennis is popular in North Forke.  A multitude of residents enjoy ALTA and USTA teams (singles, mixed doubles, and senior leagues), as well as T2 tennis.  If you are experienced or just learning, there's a team for you.  Occasionally, North Forke teams recruit out-of-neighborhood players who pay a small fee for each season. 

Tennis Court Reservations:

  •  There is a sign-up sheet posted outside the restrooms in the pool complex facing the parking lot.  Just add your name to the court you’d like to hold and that will reserve your space.
  • You will have to badge into the gated area with your homeowners Fob.